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It feels a tad strange thinking we're finally casting about for video solutions for Penn State. We've had that Flash Media Server on the back porch for what? A few seasons now? We may have to pick the dried leaves out of the spider webs, but I think it's still serviceable...

So far, we've seen regular instances of its reliability, while even the almighty Quicktime Server occasionally falters. I'm sure the Media Server will too, with harder use. We may even need to have a hosted solution to meet the demands from 80,000 students uploading phone videos for their friends and parents. And their course work... With Photoshop and our handy Flash Media Server, even I can do video. If you read this in an aggregator, check out the original front page version so you can see my Experiment with Flash Video placed in MT with a Widget what a kluge...but with the backend in place, I can do somethig nice and just drop it in.

Their are quite a few notable examples of Flash Media Server driven video sites. SchoolTube is a biggy. So is TeacherTube. EASE History isn't so well known in general circles. It grew out of Michigan State's Cognitive Flexibility Lab. Conitive Flexibility Lab? Wow; these guys are in the Big Ten.

Video is the new text message. Check out eyejot. Be there or be ...round.


Cole said:

I haven't been here as long as you, but I feel like this has been an ongoing quest -- when I first arrived the Video Charger was the hit ... I think I remember Casper working with the Law School on some video stuff ... jeez, could that be nearly 10 years ago? I didn't hear much about video at the University level after I went to IST (we ran Flash Communication Server and QTSS). When I came back to ETS nearly 2 years ago the QTSS was just moving into production.

It seems as though Flash has won this round of the online streaming space. I am guessing all of your examples are running on top of it. Youtube does it and now Flash will decode h.264 video. The beat goes on.

A combination of video studios, more expertise on campus, and a set of options for sharing video content will be helpful. I just hope we can provide something that will encourage them to do the things you listed ... that is challenge.

dave said:

If it's easy and it's social, they'll come.

It took years to move from the dysfunctional Windows Media Server to the QTSS. In that time, we lost some of the best years of Quicktime Media Streaming. The hesitation, the pissing contests, really cost Penn State. We looked and looked, assessed then looked some more- by the time a decision was made and implemented, technology and society had moved on. I see the same thing potentially happening with FMS (and everything else we roll out). Maybe it's a symptom of the times, maybe a symptom of the arena. Either way, we can either be responsive or not. If we choose to respond, I think we need hot teams that produce decisions and take first steps; not just papers.

Cole said:

Some of the hot teams to make decisions and make things happen -- StudioCode comes to mind as an example. I'd love to have another layer of agility -- where people have time to take those first steps in a protected environment. The trouble is that white papers turn into projects and projects turn into services ... and when that happens, all hell breaks free.

I think it is a symptom of the environment. I feel like we are closing that loop a bit, but honestly taking a year to get a blog service running seems like a long time -- let's take a walk and I'll tell you how I really feel about a lot of it. I feel like the last 18 months or so has produced tangible opportunities -- yeah, I know ... tangible opportunities sounds really strange. But if you step back, and look at am emerging picture we are actually making progress ... maybe we are playing catch-up, but in these activities we all may be learning what it takes to be more aggressive, bold, and attack ideas from the get go. The foundation we are trying to lay know will pay dividends -- even if we never see a student blog. We are learning how to be more aggressive with our projects.

That is just my take. I want faster, but I want to put energy into the right places. Not sure how to juggle/balance those feelings at the moment.

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