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I've looked at the photos from the Palmer collection that are currently on display at the museum and I'll go back up tomorrow for the Ansel Adams polaroids. I'm going to begrudge them my patronage, though. Some of the most remarkable photos that I've ever seen are from a Penn State faculty member not represented in the show. There's a Gerald Lang, but sadly, and quite unfortunately, no Jerrold Maddox.

Jerry has been experimenting with photography for years and managed to attract my attention early on with his high resolution compositions presented in PDF format. At quick glance, those early shots could pass for random black and white images taken in a local forest. With any sort of concentration, though, the images became beautifully complex studies in texture and composition. They worked to create deep, mood altering meditative states that I've rarely had duplicated. Maybe Rothko; maybe Pollock. Keith Jarrett for sure.

Jerry's latest work is a poignant collection of photographs, all hauntingly beautiful. They're sepia toned monochromes shot as High Dynamic Range images and displayed only online. Please, check out his site.. I would love to see them all displayed in large format at Zoller or the Robison Gallery: a darkened room lit only by spots on the photos...

...and incidentally, I'm a big fan of Jerry's web design.


Cole said:

I wanted so badly to share my thoughts with Jerry in context with his photos! Some of them are simply amazing. His style is so understated and expressive. He is very much the same way as an individual ... I have worked with him in multiple venues and his passion and vision serves him well. He is never afraid to defend either ... I like that about him.

To be honest, he is the reason I first picked up and read the Cluetrain Manifesto back in 1999 or 2000. I thank him every time I see him.

I would echo the sentiments on Jerry's work, both his photography and web design. I've seen his work before and am most impressed with it. Back when we were all using 14.4 modems, Jerry was showing people how to do good web design that didn't take forever to download.

Hey, maybe Jerry might be interested in displaying a few of his works on our walls? Wow, that'd be nice!

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