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Wallet sized web browser. Is it asking too much? What I want is a wallet sized device that turns on when I open it, finds a wifi connection to the web, and displays a full screen browser across both halves of the clamshell case. No OS. No apps. No damn phone, camera, ar recording device. Just access to the web.

I don't need storage space either. Storage space is cheaper and better other places. Cameras and phones are too, incidentally. Application functionality is moving to the web: I can open text docs, photo apps, chat, webmail or gmail. It's all there and I don't need dumbed down duplication. Just give me a cheap, reliable entry point.

Of course, it will need iPhone-like keypad and touch controls... you still read my blog, Steve?


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I've talked with some people about the need for a similar device in the past...expecially when I go to conference. I need something very light and portable, that would connect to the network and let me blog a session, take notes, look up references, etc... If I need to work on a document, I can use online services for that. I also need something with a good battery life. The Palm Foleo comes close, but it too big and expensive. There is also the Asus Eee PC701 -- a $200 stripped-down laptop that should be coming out in a month or so.

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