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Allen and Beaver.For this, I tried the "Better Battery Life" setting. I was originally concerned that the display of a strokes' complexity would be compromised, but what happened is the screen was very dark. Everything else was normal, including battery life-about 20 minutes.

At about this point in the session I was becoming overly conscious of people walking by, and that limits my ability to connect visually with a specific motif. Sitting outside the library, though, made me realize that I could try sitting in the library, and possibly use their power. I think maintaining personal space and a visual involvement would be fairly simple. People tend to keep to themselves at the library.

Inside WEbster's Cafe.This next one really sucks as a drawing, but in the interest of truth in science, here it is. Unfortunately, my well conceived plan to sit at Webster's with their electricity, and draw the festival construction failed in a few areas. I wasn't quite early enough, so people started to gather and chat, which is a major distraction for me. The view out the window left my back too exposed, then someone came in and sat in the line of view that I'd settled on. So I had more time because I had power, but I made poor use of it because my focus was interrupted.

What I have noticed from this is that I can focus artistically, or as I've learned to say, enter the flow state while drawing on a computer. It happens regularly in the office, but there's rarely the same freedom. Then again, I'm not sure if that's exactly right. Maybe I'll discover what's going on here with focus; possibly my lack of familiarity is making me too self conscious. It's much different from using my tower setup in a private cubicle. I am happy that I can demonstrate that computers can be tools for field sketching.


Cole said:

Dave, you mention the flow state ... we will be bringing Bart Pursel in for the gaming project next month to spend some time with us. He spends a lot of his time working in the serious games space ... one area he has focused a bunch of energy on is a notion called "flow theory." I imagine it is similar, but might be worth striking up a conversation with him. His blog is at


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