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Festival shell from Old Main.I believe the laptop was as charged as it gets. After five minutes I got a warning that I was using reserve battery power (same thing happened yesterday) then about twentyfive minutes in, the screen went black and I couldn't revive it. Running back to the office and plugging in didn't really help. The machine had shut down and I lost the last bit of work- the flag pole. If I regularly have to "recreate" bits like this, the purpose is defeated and I may as well close my eyes and draw what I see on the inside of my forehead.

As coarse as this is, I like it. I'm trying to work as I would if I was sketching without the computer- my style is about the same, I'm not using filters or effects (other than the effect generated by a digital brush) nor resorting to histories or selections. I think that level of what, purity? helps to create an image that looks hand wrought rather than computer assisted.

The problem I ran into running out of time occurred because I'd actually lapsed into a drawing mode where I wasn't aware of time. After the fact I was able to tell the time because I started with the chimes at my back. Without that, I'd have no idea; I was completely immersed in pulling mass from shadows. It's as immersive as a pencil, pastel, or pen.

This could actually work. Hopefully the iPhone will become the repository of toys and business tools, while the bigger laptops can then lose that functionality in favor of becoming useful, creative field tools. Draw, record, edit on the laptop; phone, email, chat, calendar on the iPhone. Add a little connector so I can upload sketches and download photos and I'm sold.

PostScript: ...and for those reading only the aggregated blogs, I apologize for the last comment as it appears in my first plein air post. The comment was removed in the original as I was finishing the post. I publish so that I can preview the post with my style applied to make sure it works the way I'd like. The aggregator grabbed it, wouldn't let go, and doesn't seem to want to accept any minor corrections. I think that removing my posts from company aggregation may solve the problem. More on that at a later date...but as a starter, try reading here instead.

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