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My last post had no images; the layout suffers because of it. Styled pull quotes may help remedy that. It seems we're stuck “ They can slip into the RSS stream without raising a ripple! ” with posts that are aggregated but never visited, or visited on a page that doesn't include image based prepared widgets. Any experimenting in the environment, unpublished "preview", doesn't get the site style applied to it and I'm just tired of pulling down files, working locally, recoding main style sheets, uploading and applying. So to see how this stuff will look, I actually have to "Publish" and the poor souls who get a feed aggregated somewhere have to click it just to turn it off. It seems, though, that comments aren't aggregated- so I can always add comments here to test things (though who knows if comments support the same level of XHTML?). Another useful tidbit- if I start empty entries that just have a title without publishing, then come back to them days later to add content, they get published at the original date! Far out! They can slip into the RSS stream without raising a ripple!


dave said:

Yes, I am aware of the fact that xhtml and css are not code. …Just maybe, though, it ain't the code I'm testing?

dave said:

There are obvious discrepancies between the way an aggregator presents a blog and the way the actual site displays a blog. As long as it's style alone- not showing the pull quote as a block level pull quote but displaying it inline- the harm is only a minor irritation. In the post about iPhone CSS though, the first line of the xhtml samples is deleted in the company aggregation site NetNewsWire. That's more than irritating. Both are removing the first line of a blockquote that has a break tag at its end. The company blog is inserting paragraph tags at the end of a line with a break.

Should we code our blogs so the information appears correctly in aggregators?

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