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At the top of my main blog page I usually display the appropriate Penn State identity mark. Using the only tool available that lets me add persistent xhtml to my page, I made a widget that makes the mark a link to the Penn State homepage. I also added links to show the ease with which a blog can comply with Penn State's web guidelines. Chances are, though, if you're reading this you've never seen them.

If you're like me, you read blogs right in an aggregator that strips out the writer's knick-knacks and wall paper in favor of a lean display of the information that most people seem to want- the textual post and pertinent images. Our own ets blog aggregates new personal posts the same way. Whether ets' Recent Personal Feed page or NetNewsWire, both aggregators offer links to complete versions of truncated posts by linking to the individual post's page. That's okay-and understandable; however, MovableType doesn't place my widgets on inner pages.

I've done some experiments with widgets, and in addition to my added Penn State links, I've placed a couple of large graphic widget "ads" to ets services. I've also placed a header that includes Flash content. I really don't care if people see the reflection at the bottom of my iPhone theme or the transparency in my Shrine or Elms themes. I'm more concerned that you can get my message easily. Sometimes, though, as in the case of the AD54 links, there's going to be important information in "widgets" and it would be good if they could at least be added by the owner to pages that stand at least a small chance of being seen.

Of course, this hints at a broader question of the perceived importance of web design. We all know the web isn't a magazine, but what does that really mean? I'll have to get back to that after the web conference...
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iphone music said:

I am keen to know more about widgets. I have read wikipedia and I have also tried to download a neat game widget to my iphone music squidoo page but have been completely unable to get it to appear, let alone work. You sound knowledgeable. Care to do a post on the subject?

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