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In one of the illustration blogs that I follow, there was a link to a video at Clip-a-day showing a new up-and-coming image technology called Photosynth. There's no need to provide a link to the Clip-a-day site; the real site is Microsoft: it shows Blaise Aguera y Arcas speaking at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference in March. Because of the Apple slant my tool selection gives me, I almost missed an absolutely phenomenal method of aggregating, accessing, and sharing the vast store of digital photos on the internet; flickr map be damned. An equally impressive companion technology- Seadragon- could have slipped off my radar as well, yet it promises lightening fast image warehouse browsing, scaling, and zooming. Chugging along with Adobe's Bridge or Apple's Aperture, plodding through flickr- they're all useless compared to Seadragon. Hopefully, someone (Adobe) will add the technology to an already useful tool.

Very important to the success of Photosynth may be free and open photo sharing. Obviously also important is the built-in metadata stored in the image files. Locked academic repositories only for the privileged can be damned right along with flickr maps...

Blaise Aguera y Arcas speaking at the TED conference
An amazing video. Just watch it. View the others on the Photosynth site, too.
Microsoft Photosynth
A large collection of photos are analyzed for similarities by the software, then displayed in a 3D construction showing the image relationships and facilitating navigation.
Microsoft Seadragon
From wall-sized displays to mobile devices visual information can be smoothly browsed regardless of the amount of data involved or the bandwidth of the network. Speed depends only on the ratio of bandwidth to pixels currently being displayed on the screen.
Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED)
Inspired talks. Inspiring talks. Watch them all...
Penn State
April 18, Symposium 2009; reimagine.
New content. Symposium 2008.Digital Commons at Penn State. Improve the workplace; hire for variety.


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