Discussions of effective communications methods have started up again. I've never really seen targeted internal communications as ineffective and just plain abscent as they have been this past year and a half. We get lots of opinions, and lots of opinions masquerade as innovative thought, but as someone who, too, has had an innovative thought, these opinions aren't necessarily thought out nor innovation. What we have inarguably is a move to communication techniques that lend themselves easily to rhetoric rather than the accurate and timely relay of specific information.

And that sense of rhetoric-our work culture now drips with it to the point that necessary information takes a back seat to implication- lends significance to a few events. The key one, for today, is the early departure of Denise Wagner. Since I too am past fifty, the early departure has particular rhetorical significance in what it implies to me, what it makes me uncomfortable with and what it says about my own career path. Or, in fact, my own worth in this environment.

I don't expect everyone to "get it," but there's an ambience of passing hanging over the place that I can't shake.

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