Now for my next trick... a Penn State widget


If you take a gander at the area of my blog containing the "Search" function, you'll hopefully still notice the three text links required for all official Penn State search function areas...

Writing the xhtml is easy, and we've probably all done it. Getting it to persist in place in one of the penn state blogs is something else again- possibly intuitive for some, but certainly not for me. What you have to do is create a widget- not a Mac wdgt file, but a little chunk of code that will persist in the MT templates.

On the left hand side of your MT Publishing Platform interface you'll see headings like "Posting" "Community" and "Configure"... Under "Configure", click "Templates". Then at the top of your list of available Widgets, There's a link called, "Create New Sidebar Widget" Click it.

Now here is where you write your code- but first, in the Template Name field enter the word "Widget:" It's necessary. Then type the rest of the name; mine was "Widget: Penn State". Next I skipped the "Link this template..." field and went right to the Module Body field. For this, it's easiest to copy and paste. I wanted to have the Search feature, only with my links added- so I grabbed the Search function code. That's available if you go back to the "Templates" list of widgets and click on "Widget:Search form". You'll get a page just like the one you're writing your widget in, only there's code in the "Module Body" field. Copy it, and paste it into your widget's empty Module Body field. I added my text links to the three Penn State areas- People, Departments, and Penn State after the DIV that encloses the form but still within the "module-search module" DIV. Click "Save."

Now get it on your site: Click "Templates" in the Breadcrumb trail. This time you'll see the list, but your widget will be in it. At the bottom of the page, click "Manage my Widgets", open the Widget manager, and drag the installed SEARCH FORM into the available Widgets column and your widget into the Installed Widgets column. Save, and that's it. The links will persist through style changes and rebuilds.

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