Anaglyphs from Second Life


An anaglyphic image of the Second Life landscape. An anaglyphic image of the Second Life landscape. I discovered a memorial park in Second Life (Memoris cemetery park -- BOCH, Memoris (214, 109, 35)). Walking through the landscape was very much like walking through the landscape of a real world memorial park: quiet, peaceful, with time for personal introspection. Since I could leave my avatar unattended without attracting interactions or interruptions, which I deplore in the real world as well, I was able to capture several images that show the anaglyphic capabilities of the environment. So, do you have a pair of red and cyan 3D glasses?

There's instructions for creating an anaglyph from two images (I used two screen captures taken an "eyewidth" apart in SL) posted on my personal page as an experimental sound file. .

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