A widget to make the shield a link


This is a real kluge.

The Penn State mark, although it's actually considered content, is placed with the theme stylesheet in the background of my page header.

I could tweak the theme stylesheet and put some of the code there to make the shield appear to be a link, but encouraged by the creation of my first widget, I wondered if it would be easier for most users to put the link in another widget. I tried it, and it works.

I created a widget as before, but this time, instead of copying another widget's code, I wrote my own. It's a knock-off of the standard code used to make the shield hot when it's a background image; a css image replacement technique. The difference is that all the style is "in-line". Therein is the danger: inline styles are deprecated, and for good reason. It's "style" that isn't really separate from the html.

Depending on exactly where your image sits, you may need to tweak the positioning. And it may not work on Windows... but this is the code from the "Module Body" of my experimental widget:

<a style="position:absolute; top:-120px; left:-425px; display:block; width:118px; height:51px;" href="http://www.psu.edu" title="The Penn State home page.">
<span style="position:absolute; left:-9000px;">Penn State</span></a>

Penn State
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