David R. Loker
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Electrical Engineering Technology
Email : drl3@psu.edu

Industrial Experience
Member of Behrend College Electrical Design Center
R. M. Kerner Company; Erie, PA
  • Completed Proof-of-Concept design of a VHF pre-emptive signal transmitter for emergency vehicles for traffic light control.
Lord Corporation; Erie, PA
1999 - 2000
  • Team development of a signal conditioning system for an LVDT.  The conditioner was tested on a DSP-based real-time development system and resulted in improvements to dynamic response and noise rejection.
  • Team development of the hardware and software design for the LVDT signal conditioner on a PC board.  The software algorithm was implemented using a TI DSP.
Independent Consulting Engineer
General Electric Company, Transportation Systems; Erie, PA
Software Specialist
1994 - 1996
  • Made significant enhancements to an existing ACSL  model for the electrical drive system for an AC locomotive.  These enhancements include automatic operating point conversion, automatic pattern selection, automated batch file process, and deep-bar coefficient calculations.
  • Developed enhancements to an existing ACSL locomotive cranker model by including a real-time battery model.
Caron Enterprises, Inc.; Girard, PA
Filter Design Engineer
1990, 1994
  • Participated in teaching a team-taught course on EMI/RFI filter design which involved the development of a practical approach to filter design and consideration of various filter configurations.
  • Developed simulation models of EMI/RFI filters which significantly improved their analysis capabilities.
General Electric Company, AESD;  Utica, NY 1984 - 1988
Engineer (Functioned as a systems engineer)
  • Responsible for system trade studies of a fire control radar system design which achieved an 87% reduction in element number by investigating key parameters such as detection signal-to-noise ratio, pulse repetition frequency, and the radar cross section of the target.
  • Responsible for evaluation of production issues for an existing radar receiver/transmitter which included analyzing new methods for adjusting and checking the sidelobe blanking function of the receiver and analyzing part of the gain control structure through the receiver.
Engineer (Functioned as a component design engineer)
  • Responsible for the design of components for use in an RF/IF down-converter which included the design of a PIN diode driver for switches and the design of a voltage regulator.  Conducted testing of all modules of the down-converter.
  • Responsible for the design and analysis of microwave components which included the development of an improved design of a PIN diode phase shifter, an improved design of a power divider, the analysis of alternative switching techniques, and the design of filters.
  • Responsible for the analog and digital circuitry for and electro-optic sensor.  This included the design of the gyro circuitry consisting of the excitation and rate loop.
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