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V. Daniel R. Guide, Jr.

Smeal Professor of Supply Chain Management

Professor of Operations Research

Department of Supply Chain & Information Systems

Smeal College of Business

Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA

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·       My research is focused on way to create industrial systems that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. In particular, my work focuses on the design, management and control of closed-loop supply chains.

·       Closed-loop supply chain management is the design, control and operation of a system to maximize value creation over the entire life-cycle of a product with dynamic recovery of value from different types and volumes of returns over time.   

·       I am Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Operations Management (see our website at

·       I am Co-Departmental Editor for the Sustainable Operations Department at Production and Operations Management

The citation analysis is from Google Scholar above is current as of January 2013. 

To see my up to date information

·        Research reprints - 2003 - present

·        Research - 2002 and before

·        Journal feature issues on closed-loop supply chains that I’ve co-edited

o   Interfaces 2003 33(6)

o   California Management Review 2004 46(2)

o   Production and Operations Management  2006 15(3&4)

1.    Part 1 – 15(3)

2.    Part 2 – 15(4)

·        Full CV (current as of Summer 2010)

·        Business Aspects of Closed-Loop Supply Chains book

·        Japan - Panasonic Hall of Technology and Science

·        My teaching case (with L.N. Van Wassenhove) ‘Product Returns at HP’ won the 2007 (P/OM) Case Award from ECCH

·       The Evolution of Teaching Mathematics in the USA