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The following applet can be used to construct Ferrers diagrams of partitions. Simply click on a white dot to include that cell (and all of the cells weakly below and/or to its left) in the Ferrers diagram or click on a black dot in exclude that cell (and all of the cells weakly above and/or to its right) from the Ferrers diagram.

The applet can also be used in the following manners:

  • examine several different standard constructions of partitions (i.e., by largest part, number of parts, Durfee square).
  • construct restricted partitions (i.e., only odd parts, distinct parts, odd distinct parts, self-conjugate partitions, parts that differ by at least 2)
  • convert between different types of partitions using well-known bijections (i.e., conjugate, Glaisher's bijection, Franklin's involution, etc.)

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