Manually Adding VPN to iPhone 2.0

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to manually add Penn State VPN support to iPhone 2.0. Alternatively, you can add VPN and 802.1X support with a Configuration Profile. For VPN support questions, visit the AIT VPN Support page.

Tap "Settings" from the Home Screen:

Tap "General" from the Settings Screen:

Tap "Network":

Tap "VPN":

Tap "Add VPN Configuration...":

Tap "IPSec":

Add the VPN Settings for your campus wireless:

(see for details)

The VPN Screen lists the available VPN Configurations. Next we'll add the ISP to VPN Configuration. Tap "Add VPN Configuration...":

Add the VPN Settings for off-campus VPN access:

(see for details)

Back on the VPN Screen, you can choose which Configuration you would like to select as the default by tapping on it in the list:

Once you add a VPN Configuration to the iPhone, the VPN Settings entry appears in the main Settings Screen:

To connect to Penn State Wireless, turn Wi-Fi on and tap "pennstate" on the Wi-Fi Networks Screen:

Tap VPN from the main Settings Screen, make sure you've selected the proper VPN Configuration, and slide the VPN switch to ON:

When you have established a VPN connection, you will see "Connected" and a connection timer in the Status entry:

Your iPhone is now configured to use the VPN. For more information on VPN support on the iPhone, consult the iPhone and iPod Touch Enterprise Deployment Guide.