Grad students

William G. Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Mathematics

Funding provided by The National Science Foundation
Nonlinear Water Waves: DMS-1107379
Nonlinear Dispersive Waves with Weak Dissipation: DMS-0708352
Focused Research Group Project: DMS-0139847

Stephanie Blanda, 2012-present.
Shear in a two-layer system.

Girish Rajan (PhD (present); MS in Mathematics, May 2012):
Evolution of periodic wave packets in finite depth with slowly varying bathymetry.

Vishal Vasan (Visiting from University of Washington), 2010:
Recovering surface displacement due to waves from measurements of pressure. (with Bernard Deconinck, Katie Oliveras)

Matt Patterson (Visiting from University of Washington), 2007:
Henderson, D.M., Patterson, M.S., Segur, H. On the laboratory generation of two-dimensional, progressive, surface waves of nearly permanent form on deep water. J. Fluid Mech. (2006), vol. 559, pp. 413-427.

Maribeth Oscamou (Visiting from University of Colorado), 2005:
Craig, W., Henderson, D.M., Oscamou, M., Segur, H. (2007) Stable three-dimensional waves of nearly permanent form on deep water. Math. Comput. Simul., d74(2-3), 135-144 .

Tiffany Pritt
M.S. Thesis, 2003: Linear wavemaker problem for triangular and exponentially shaped wavemakers.
Instructor, Penn College

Linda Smolka (Advisors: Andrew Belmonte and Diane Henderson)
Ph.D. Thesis, 2001: On the Motion of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Liquid Filaments: Stretching, Beading, Blistering, Pinching.
At Bucknell University, Department of Math

Dawn L Stewart
M.S. Thesis, 1993: Spin-up in a rectangular cylinder