William G. Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Department of Mathematics

Funding provided by The National Science Foundation
Nonlinear Water Waves: DMS-1107379
Nonlinear Dispersive Waves with Weak Dissipation: DMS-0708352
Focused Research Group Project: DMS-0139847

Isaac Wright, Summer, 2014: Dissipation of Shallow-Water Waves with Variable Bottom Roughness

Josh Moser and Christopher Wai, Summer 2014: Freak wave formation in shallow water.

Gage Walters, 2013-2014: A laser wave gage.

Xingyu Zhang, 2012: Parametrically excited waves on a viscous fluid.

Elisabeth Paulson, 2012: Evolution of surface waves on water with variable depth.
              Presented at the 2012 Undergraduate Exhibition, Penn State.

Brian Hardock, 2011: Extreme waves in shallow water.
              Presented at the Conference for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, Penn State University, Nov 2011

Mark Walsh, 2009 - 2011: Honors Thesis: The propagation of shallow-water waves.

Megan Catalano, 2007 - 2009: Modeling deep-water wave packets with Jacobi elliptic functions.

Jamahl Stokes, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Summer 2009.
SROP (Summer Research Opportunity): A Study of Water Waves.

James Greene, 2007 - 2008: Envelope solitons in water waves.

Ariel Kanevsky, Spring 2006: Wave patterns.

Dana Pheiff, 2002-2003: Decay and stability of 1-D wavetrains in deep water.
              Presented at the 5th Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (2/2003)
             Stabilizing the Benjamin-Feir instability, Segur, Henderson, Carter, Hammack, Li, Pheiff, Socha, J. Fluid Mechanics, 2005.

Aaron Naber, 2002-2003: (i) Image processing. (ii) Long-time evolution of surface water waves in finite domains.

Uma Patel Summer, 2003: Drops on Waves

Ming Yi Summer, 2003: Collisions of KdV solitons
Hammack, J. L., Henderson, D. M., Guyenne, P., Yi, M., Solitary–Wave Collisions, Proceedings of ASME Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering: A Symposium to honor Theodore Yao-Tsu Wu, World Scientific Publishers. (10 pages) (2004)

Haink Tu Summer, 2003: Collisions of KdV solitons; wave gages electronics.