Mousse Can Mods

Note that this information is specifically tailored to .25 sized headers and engines.  If you're working with anything significantly bigger or smaller you will probably need to make some changes.

First, carefully remove the top from your mousse can using a pair of side-cutters.  Of course, you do this AFTER disposing of the worthless, smelly contents responsibly!



Next, drill a 1/4" hole near the bottom of the can and slide on a couple of pieces of appropriately sized silicone header tubing.  The stuff I use is as follows:  The blue tubing is Aerotrend Ultrablue 1/2" ID x 5/32" WT Tuned Pipe tubing.  It's much stiffer than the gray tubing which is Macs 5/8" ID Silicone Header Pipe tubing.  Both of these products are available from Tower Hobbies.  (Note:  ID = Inside Diameter, WT = Wall Thickness)



You must also drill and tap for a pressure fitting in your header.



Now you're ready to put it all together.  All the cans I use fit perfectly using my combination of Aerotrend blue and Macs gray silicone tubing.  Your mileage may vary.  Experiment a little.  That's part of the fun of this hobby.


Go fire up your plane and enjoy the performance increase over that old stock muffler!!!