FBI files related to the FBI's Sex Deviates Program

These FBI files are those documents related to the FBI's interest in "Sex Deviates," and provide insights into the Bureau's Sex Deviates Program and file


The FBI Sex Deviates Program policy document, 20 June 1951 (discovered to still exist only in 2015).

FBI Bureau Bulletin to FBI agents describing the new Sex Deviates Program policy (Sept 1051).

FBI Memo from Quinn Tamm FBI personnel file, 27 April 1951, that dates the Sex Deviates Program to 1950

Until discovery of this document, we thought the Sex Deviates Program dated only to 1951. It started in 1950 as a fingerprint check program and was dramatically expanded in the Summer of 1951.

Two National Archives documents on the destruction of the FBI Sex Deviates File: Document 1, Document 2

April 1950 FBI memo to the White House about men arrested for "sexual irregularities" who claimed Federal employment

In effect, this is the first dissemination of information via the FBI's Sex Deviates Program

FBI's Program to Detect Homosexuals Who Have Been Compromised or Recruited by Soviet Intelligence Services (PROHO) -- A program started in 1965. To date no information has surfaced about a compromised gay person; the program was probably more about recruiting gay informants & purging gays from jobs.

FBI's HOMEX program (Homosexual Extortion): Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part8, part 9, part 10 .

FBI Responsibilities Program File: FBI 62-93875

This sensistive code-named FBI program was the basis for FBI leaks to state governors and prominent civic leaders, including police departments. Before the discovery in 2015 of the Sex Deviates Program policy document of June 1951, these documents were all we had at hand to understand, indirectly, the program.

Part I

Part II


The J. Edgar Hoover Official & Confidential File: files from it related to homosexuality

This file constituted one of FBI Director Hoover's secret office files -- sensitive FBI files maintained separately from the central records (the "official files") of the FBI.


The FBI's File on General Philip Faymonville, Lend-Lease coordinator in Moscow

The FBI's File on Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas:-- see also his folder in the Hoover O&C file.

Fortas part 1

Fortas part 2

Fortas part 3