Quantum Optics

  • Null Values and Quantum State Discrimination

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  • Rapidly reconfigurable optically induced photonic crystals in hot rubidium vapor

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  • Double Lorentzian atomic prism

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  • Extracting an entanglement signature from only classical mutual information

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  • Precision frequency measurements with interferometric weak values

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  • Heralded single-photon partial coherence

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  • Continuous phase amplification with a Sagnac interferometer

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  • Optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio of a beam-deflection measurement with interferometric weak values

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  • Ultrasensitive Beam Deflection Measurement via Interferometric Weak Value Amplification

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  • All Optical Waveguiding in a Coherent Atomic Rubidium Vapor

    Praveen K. Vudyasetu, David J. Starling, and John C. Howell

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All Optical Photonic Crystal

It is "well known" that one light beam does not interact with a second light beam. However, this in only true in vacuum. When two lasers intersect in an atomic cloud, interesting things can happen (e.g., EIT, XPM, FWM, etc). Here, we demonstrate a photonic crystal created with a strong pump laser in rubidium gas, our favorite Alkali metal.

Quantum Measurement

  • Amplifications in Chiroptical Spectroscopy, Optical Enantioselectivity, and Weak Value Measurement

    Hanju Rhee, Joseph S. Choi, David J. Starling, John C. Howell and Minhaeng Cho

    Chem. Sci. Lett. 4, 4107 (2013). PDF

  • Efficacy of measurement reversal for stochastic disturbances

    David J. Starling and Nathan S. Williams

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  • Interferometric weak value deflections: Quantum and classical treatments

    John C. Howell, David J. Starling, P. Ben Dixon, Praveen K. Vudyasetu, and Andrew N. Jordan

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  • Quantum chaos, delocalization, and entanglement in disordered Heisenberg models

    Winton G. Brown, Lea F. Santos, David J. Starling, and Lorenza Viola

    Phys. Rev. E 77, 021106 (2008). PDF


Polarization Measurement

Diagonally polarized light can be weakly separated into horizontal and vertical polarizations using a prism. Normally, the separation is too small to detect. However, using post-selection, the separation is easily measured. This effect is the basis for what is known as a "weak value" and is the subject of current research in quantum measurement.

Applied Physics

  • Compressive sensing for spatial and spectral flame diagnostics

    David J. Starling and Joseph Ranalli

    Work in Progress

  • Sensitivity of shading calculations to horizon uncertainty

    Joseph Ranalli, Robert Vitagliano, Mauro Notaro and David J. Starling

    Solar Energy 144, 399 (2017). PDF

  • Tie goes to the runner: the physics and psychology of a close play

    David J. Starling and Sarah J. Starling

    The Physics Teacher 55, 200 (2017). PDF

  • Compressive sensing spectroscopy with a single pixel camera

    David J. Starling, Ian Storer and Gregory A. Howland

    Appl. Opt. 55, 5198 (2016). PDF

  • An actively quenched single photon detector with a light emitting diode

    David J. Starling, Blake Burger, Edward Miller, Joseph Zolnowski and Joseph Ranalli

    Modern Applied Science 10, (114) (2016). PDF

  • Testing a Method for De-energizing Solar Panels for Firefighting

    David J. Starling, Joseph Ranalli, Kenneth Dudeck and Ron Steber

    ASES SOLAR Conference Proceedings (2014), San Francisco, CA. PDF

  • Compressive sensing for spatial and spectral flame diagnostics

    David J. Starling, Scott Gauer and Joseph Ranalli

    Presentation at APS March Meeting (2014), Denver, CO. PDF (poster)


Flame Reconstruction

Numerical data for the image reconstruction of the OH* line of a hydrocarbon flame. Experimental data is in the works!


  • Work in Progress

    Stay tuned as we begin efforts to bring a new observatory to the Hazleton campus to allow for the local detection and study of exoplanets and young stellar objects.

  • Interested in Learning More?

    Check out my collaborators' sites: Joel Green and Stefano Meschiari.


Exoplanet Detection

Exoplanets can be detected when they pass between Earth and their star, resulting in a drop in measured intensity. Credit: NASA.