A Different World

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Think of something in your house that you value most, or that can bring you the most safety.

I bet you would not be thinking of your stove.


But in Darfur, Sudan, it is a much different world than here in most of the United States.  While the typical person in the U.S. not only has a stove, but also a whole kitchen and house, fuel stoves are just beginning to be used in displaced persons camps in Darfur, implemented by the Darfur Stoves Project.

Prior to the project, wood and clay stoves were often used, yet were not very practical. The demand for wood in the growing refugee camps was quickly causing deforestation, and causing people to walk farther and farther to find firewood.  Women usually gather wood, and as they venture farther from the camp, it becomes more likely for them to be killed, kidnapped, or raped.  Some people would even use their food money to buy firewood so they did not have to leave the safety of camp to find it.
In 2004, the Darfur Stoves Project began implementing fuel-efficient cooking stoves that use half as much firewood as the traditional Darfurian stoves. 
Other benefits to the fuel stoves include:
  • less inhaled smoke
  • reduced fire risk
  • more free time (no need to forage for wood)
  • better economy (the stoves are made in Sudan by local people)

I thought this was a fascinating cause--something considered so simple in America that can help save many lives in Darfur.

darfur-stoves-training-2.jpgClick here for a personal account of Halima, who has benefitted from the use of a fuel-efficient stove.

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