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English as a Second Language (ESL) is a starting point for many who wish to become better speakers, and writers of the English language. This site has been developed to help students assess their current knowledge and to provide lessons in grammar and sentence content, as well as a vocabulary bank and comprehension exercises.

There are lots of interactive lessons and games to help you achieve your English language goals.  It is our sincere hope    that you enjoy the process and HAVE FUN! 

To continue with this course, you will need to complete an initial assessment of your English skills.  The assessment consists of

1) An essay you will read and 4 questions relative to

    the essay you must answer;

2) Four questions regarding punctuation;

3) Four questions regarding Grammar; and

4) Four questions on Sentence Structure

The assessment should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Once started, the assessment must be completed.  Any work not completed will be marked as wrong; therefore, please be sure you have enough time to complete the assessment before you begin. 

To begin the assessment, please click on the button to the left marked "Begin Here".