You have landed on Debra Hawhee's professional page. I teach rhetoric at Penn State. My research focuses on rhetoric's history and pays particular attention to the moments when bodies and language come together. I have published two single-authored books, Bodily Arts: Rhetoric and Athletics in Ancient Greece (2004), and Moving Bodies: Kenneth Burke at the Edges of Language (2009), as well as a textbook with Sharon Crowley, Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students, now in its 4th edition (5th edition is in the works).

If you want to learn more about my research or check out some of my articles and reviews, click on the research button above (coming soon, summer 2011). I am also working on a book about animals in the history of rhetoric. This work on rhetoric's bestial side both springs and departs from my previous work on rhetoric and materiality. I have been (and will be) presenting preliminary findings at conferences like ISHR, NCA, and RSA.

This site also hosts my teaching pages and blogs, including a resource page for the new course I direct (and sometimes teach) called Liberal Arts 101H: Rhetoric and Civic Life. This honors course combines oral, written, visual, and digital rhetoric.

For seven years I have kept a blog called blogos, where I reflect about matters professional and personal, and often a mix of the two, when time permits.

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