(Table 16)

The following list provides abbreviations for names of document subdivisions frequently used in legal citations. See rule 3 for further guidance in using these abbreviations.

addendum add.
amendment [s] amend., amends.
annotation [s] annot., annots.
appendi[x, ces] app., apps.
article [s] art., arts.
bibliography bibliog.
book [s] bk., bks.
chapter [s] ch., chs.
clause [s] cl., cls.
column [s] col., cols.
commentary, comment [s] cmt., cmts.
decision [s] dec., decs.
department [s] dept., depts.
division [s] div., divs.
example [s] ex., exs.
figure [s] fig., figs.
folio [s] fol., fols.
footnote [s] in cross-references note, notes
footnote [s] in other references n., nn.
historical note [s] hist. n., hist. nn.
hypothetical hypo.
illustration [s] illus.
introduction intro.
line [s] l., ll.
number [s] No., Nos.
page [s] in cross references p., pp.
page [s] other references [at]
paragraph [s] if symbol appears in source ,
paragraph [s] if otherwise para., paras.
part pt., pts.
preamble pmbl.
principle [s] princ., princs.
publication [s] pub., pubs. rule R.
schedule sched., scheds.
section [s] in amending act sec., secs.
section [s] in all other contexts ,
series, serial [s] ser.
subdivision [s] subdiv., subdivs.
subsection [s] subsec., subsecs.
supplement supp.
table [s] tbl., tbls.
title [s] tit., tits.
volume [s] vol., vols.