Court Document abbreviations
(Table 8 of 17th Edition)

This table gives suggested abbreviations for citations of court documents and legal memoranda (not in the other forms of legal writing) for the words most commonly found in the titles of court documents. In some cases, it indicates that a word should not be abbreviated. Words of more than six letters not appearing on the list may also be abbreviated if the abbreviation selected is unambiguous. Unless it would be confusing to the reader, omit all articles and prepositions from any abbreviated title. Practitioners may also want to leave out additional words in document title if the document can be unambiguously identified without them (see practitioners' note P.7). Be sure to abbreviate documents consistently throughout a particular court document or legal memorandum.

Admission Admis.
Admit Admit
Affidavit Aff.
Affirm Affirm
Amended Am.
Answer Answer
Appeal Appeal
Appellant Appellant
Appellee Appellee
Appendix App. (except when citing to Joint Appendix -- see below)
Attach Attach
Attachment Attach.
Attorney [s] Att'y [s]

Brief Br.

Certiorari Cert.
Compel Compel
Complaint Compl.
Counterclaim Countercl.
Court Ct.
Cross-claim Cross-cl.

Declaration Decl.
Defendant ['s] Def. ['s]
Defendants ['] Defs. [']
Demurrer Dem.
Deny [ing] Den.
Deposition Dep.
Discovery Disc.
Dismiss Dismiss
Document [s] Doc., Docs.

Exhibit Ex.

Grant Grant

Hearing Hr'g

Injuncion Inj.
Interrogator[y, ies] Interrog., Interrogs.

Joint Appendix J.A.
Judgment J.
Memorandum Mem.
Minutes Mins.
Motion Mot.

Opinion Op.
Opposition Opp'n
Order Order

Petition Pet.
Petitioner Pet'r
Plaintiff ['s] Pl. ['s]
Plaintiffs ['] Pls. [']
Points and Authorities P. & A.
Preliminary Prelim.
Produc[e, tion] Produc.

Quash Quash

Reconsideration Recons.
Record R.
Rehearing Reh'g
Reply Reply
Reporter Rep.
Request Req.
Respondent Resp't
Response Resp.

Stay Stay
Subpoena Subpoena
Summary Summ.
Support Supp.
Suppress Suppress

Temporary Restraining Order T.R.O.
Testimony Test.
Transcript Tr.

Verifies Statement V.S.