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New Technology Connecting Remote Areas

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   I have just read on the UNHCR official website that Skype Unlimited has just founded a new version of their software that can connect refugee workers and their colleagues or family members. Skype connects people via video chat, and this could be a major step in the right direction for the agency. Because many of the camps that the workers create for the refugees are in remote and almost hidden locations, it is very hard for staff members to communicate with headquarters to exchange information. So far, the new technology has been a success in Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
   The software is now available in over 8 countries and 1,000 staff members. By the end of the month, it is estimated that over 2,100 staff members will have access. In fact, by the end of the year, over 3,000 staffers will have access in in 120 desolate locations.
   This new partnership is going to work wonders for the UNHCR. It will help to change the communication difficulties by giving audio as well as video between headquarters and remote camp sites for refugees. The new opportunity for the UNHCR is going to be very beneficial in the future to help ensure that the refugees and staffers can be as comfortable as possible while seeking asylum.


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Check out our podcast here on refugee camps in Chad:

Refugee Camps in Uganda

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I chose to share this specific video from an Australian news source, because of how powerful it is emotionally. It really puts a face to the statistics and numbers of displaced peoples. It is amazing how stark the living conditions are and how hard these people have to work for to get the things that we take for granted.

UNHCR Blue Key Campaign

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Check out this recently posted video on a little bit of UNHCR's history and how they have landed where they are today as well as ties into how you as an individual can aid these displaced refugees:

World AIDS Day: President Obama

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Here is a video of President Obama discussing America's effort to fight global AIDS...

World AIDS Day: December 1, 2010

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   The UNHCR is commemorating World AIDS Day today. The theme this year was Universal Access and Human Rights. The reason this was chosen as the mantra for the year was because the UNHCR strives to give everyone access to knowledge of prevention as well as medical treatment to those who are HIV positive. The UNHCR also has made important steps in protecting human rights for citizens who need the support and care of the workers to continue to live their lives in a safe and healthy manner.
   UNHCR High Commissioner Antonio Guterres stated today in a conference in Ethiopia that "87% of people who are considered refugees have access to treatment for HIV." This includes 75% of pregnant women who now have treatment from mother- child HIV transmissions.
   He also included that more can be done about the stigma facing those infected with HIV. Guterres claims that the staff as well as family members can help to ensure that the people who have HIV or AIDS can be given proper treatment without being discriminated against.
   At the end of his conference, Jean Fran├žois Durieux, director of UNHCR's Division of Program Support and Management said, "I would like to encourage you to wear the red ribbon to demonstrate care and concern about HIV and AIDS, and to remind others of the need for their support and commitment." Wearing the red ribbon shows that you support the cause to help prevent and treat people who have HIV or AIDS without attaching stigmas or discrimination.

School Shortage as Population Grows

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I thought this video was interesting to see how their education compares to ours.  We seem to be building new schools and buildings for learning centers; however here they have not built a new school in many many years.


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More Help Needed for Flood Victims

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With the devasting floods that swept through Pakistan earlier this year, it has effected many familes and does not seem to be getting any easier as winter approached them.  With all the crops and such being destroyed many familes are left with nothing and can only hope for better things to come in the future.  Many familes have moved into schools and other buildings since the tragedy and are trying to move forward from this.  Many things are still needed such as clean water, clothing, food, and other household items.  More help is very much needed to help put these families back together and get them in homes. Angelina Jolie has gone to help and reaches out to others to ask for help for these people.!

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Check out this video of firsthand accounts of the devastation that the brutal drug cartels have had on the cities of Mexico.

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