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Dean E. Capone
Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Acoustics
The Pennsylvania State University

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Applied Research Laboratory

P.O. Box 30

State College, PA

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0300 Garfield Thomas Water Tunnel

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Dr. Dean E. Capone is an Associate Professor in The Graduate Program in Acoustics. He is an active member in both The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and The Institute for Noise Control Engineering (INCE). He is serving as ASA's Chair, Technical Committee, Structural Acoustics and Vibration for the years 2009-2012, and a member of the ASA Committee on Standards.

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Research Interests

Flow-Induced Noise

Structural Acoustics

Noise Control Engineering


Ph.D. Acoustics, The Pennsylvania State University

M.S. Acoustics, The Pennsylvania State University

B.S. Aerospace Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

Recent Publications

1. Bonness, W. K., Capone, D. E., and Hambric, S. A., "Low Wavenumber TBL Measurements from Vibration Data on a Cylinder in Pipe Flow," Accepted for Publication in the Journal of Sound and Vibration (2009).

2. Bonness, W. K., Fahnline, J. B., and Capone, D. E., "Three Dimensional Experimental Modal Analysis on a Water Filled Cylindrical Shell," Proccedings of IMAC XXVII, Orlando FL, 7 pp. (February 2009).

3. Capone, D. E., and Bonness, W. K., “The Transmission of Turbulent Boundary Layer Unsteady Pressure and Shear through a Viscoelastic Layer,” The Journal of Fluids and Structures 24: 1120-1134 (2008).

4. Lysak, P. D., Jenkins, D. M., Capone, D. E., and Brown, W. L., “Analytical Model of an Ultrasonic Cross-Correlation Flow Meter, Part 2: Application,” The Journal of Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 19(1): 41-46 (2008).

5. Lysak, P. D., Jenkins, D. M., Capone, D. E., and Brown, W. L., “Analytical Model of an Ultrasonic Cross-Correlation Flow Meter, Part I: Stochastic Modeling of Turbulence,” The Journal of Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 19(1): 1-7 (2008).

6. Gorny, L. J., Koopmann, G. H., and Capone, D. E., “Use of Dipole Resonator Configurations for Bi-Directional Attenuation of Plane Wave Blade Tone Noise Propagation,” Proceedings of Noise-Con 2008, Detroit, MI, 9 pp. (July 2008).

7. Lysak, P. D., Dreyer, J. J, Fahnline, J. B., Capone D. E., and Poremba, J. E. “Acoustic Analysis of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle,” Proceedings of ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress (November 2007).

8. Barnard, A. R., Hambric, S.A., Conlon, S.C. and Capone, D. E., “Narrowband Sound Power Measurement using Supersonic Intensity in Underwater Reverberant Environments,” Proceedings of Noise-Con 2007, Reno, NV (October 2007).

9. Brungart, T. A., Myer, E. C., Capone, D. E., and Campbell, R. L., “Hydrofoil Leading Edge Isolation for Vibration and Noise Reduction in Marine Systems,” Journal of Vibration and Acoustics 128: 772-777 (2006).

10. Fahnline, J. B., McDevitt, T. E., Whitney, E. C., and Capone, D.E., “Structural-Acoustic Tailoring of Metal Structures by Laser Free-Forming,” Noise Control Engineering Journal 54 (2): 64-69 (2006).

11. Barnard, A. R., Hambric, S.A., Capone, D. E., and Conlon, S.C., “Measuring Sound Power and Directivity of a Submerged Cylinder in a Reverberant Water Tank Using Intensity Based Nearfield Acoustic Holography Techniques,” Proceedings of Noise-Con 2006, Honolulu, HI (December 2006).

Professional Affiliations

Member, The Acoustical Society of America. Chair, Technical Committee on Structural Acoustics and Vibration

Member, The Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Courses Taught

ACS 597A: Fundamentals of Acoustics

AERSP 305W: Aerospace Technology Laboratory

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