Undiscovered Amerindians

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On Monday, a student referred to a performance by Guillermo Gomez-Pena and Coco Fusco titled Undiscovered Amerindians. Here is a link with more information on that project (and a photo). Sadly, there is no publicly available link on the Net.


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Although performance art is often lost on me, mainly due to my lack of exposure and education on the subject, I love the concept of this exhibit. Creating a fictional culture and putting it on such vulgar, satirical display really makes you think of 'primitivism' in a whole new light. I would have loved to witness this piece.

I find it difficult to place performance art in the museum setting. This brings to mind a zoo or a side show at the circus.

Bess, that was exactly the intent of the artists. What might that mean for you as you are forming an interpretation of the work?

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