Welcome to the online portfolio of Dana Carlisle Kletchka, Ph.D.

I am the curator of education at the Palmer Museum of Art and an affiliate instructor in the art education and art history programs at Penn State. I am responsible for the educational and interpretive programming offered by the Palmer Museum of Art and I work with faculty, staff, graduate students, teachers, and community members to create opportunities to engage with and learn about our permanent collections and special exhibitions.

I also teach a Art/Art H 409: Museum Studies seminar and Art 100: Concepts and Creation in the Visual Arts, an online contemporary art course, once per year.

I welcome questions regarding my professional position, publications, teaching, or art museum education in general.

This website is perpetually in flux--please visit again soon!

Image: Museum by Red Grooms, 1978, offset lithograph in seven colors, 8-5/8 x 22-1/8".  Gift of Martin Cohen, collection of the Palmer Museum of Art.

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