David Shapiro

Professor of Economics
Joined the faculty in 1980
Ph.D., 1972, Princeton University
Labor Economics, Economic Demography, Economic Development, Human Resources, Economics of Education

416 Kern Building
phone:  (814)863-1533

Mount Kilimanjaro, Dec. 2007

Pictures from IHS reunion, Oct. 2007

Pictures from Kinshasa 2004-2005


Climbing in Iowa, 2001

Selected Publications:


         "Womens's Education and Fertility Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa," Vienna Yearbook of Population Research, 2012.


         "Gender, Education, and the Labor Market in Kinshasa" (with Mark Gough and Roger Pongi) African Population Studies, December 2011.


          "Fertility Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Falling and Stalling" (with Tesfayi Gabreselassie) African Population Studies, April 2008.


          Women's Education, Employment, and Fertility: Kinshasa in Transition (with B. Oleko Tambashe) University of Chicago Press, 2003.  [Table of Contents] .


          "Gender, Poverty, Family Structure, and Investments in Children's Education in Kinshasa, Congo" (with B. Oleko Tambashe), Economics of Education Review, August 2001.

          "Education, Employment and Fertility in Kinshasa and Prospects for Changes in Reproductive Behavior," (with B. Tambashe), Population Research and Policy Review, June 1997.

          "Fertility Decline in Kinshasa," Population Studies, March 1996.

          "Racial Differences in Access to High-Paying Jobs and the Wage Gap Between Black and White Women" (with D. Anderson) Industrial and Labor Relations Review, January 1996.

          "Long-Term Employment and Earnings of Women in Relation to Employment Behavior Surrounding the First Birth" (with F. Mott), Journal of Human Resources, Spring 1994.

          The Agricultural Development of Zaire, (with E. Tollens), 1992.

           "Farm Size, Household Size and Composition, and Women's Contribution to Agricultural Production: Evidence from Zaire," Journal of Development Studies, October 1990.

          "Women's Work Plans: Contrasting Expectations and Actual Work Experience," (with L. Shaw), Monthly Labor Review, November 1987.

          "Age Discrimination in Wages and Displaced Older Men," (with S. Sandell) Southern Economic Journal, July 1985.

          "Wage Differentials Among Black, Hispanic, and White Young Men," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, July 1984.

          "Work Expectations, Human Capital Accumulation and the Wages of Young Women," (with S. Sandell) Journal of Human Resources, Summer 1980.

          "Labor Supply Behavior of Prospective and New Mothers," (with F. Mott) Demography, May 1979.

          "Relative Wage Effects of Unions in the Public Sector," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, January 1978.

          "The Theory of Human Capital and the Earnings of Women: A Reexamination of the Evidence," (with S. Sandell) Journal of Human Resources, Winter 1978.

 Research in Progress:

          "Enduring Economic Hardship, Women's Education, and Fertility Transition in Kinshasa."


          "Marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends, Determinants, and Consequences" (with Tesfayi Gebreselassie).


          "Children's Progress in School in Sub-Saharan Africa" (with Mathias Kuepie, Crispin Mabika, and Michel Tenikue).


          "Dropping out of School in the Democratic Republic of the Congo."

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