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About this Site:

The need for long-term care services is growing dramatically with the aging of the baby boomers. The purpose of this site is to present current information and research on aging, long-term care, health systems organization and policy. | site map | top of page |

What you will find here:

This site presents up-to-date information and resources on aging and long-term care. Click on an option in the site map to navigate. Descriptions for each option are provided below. | site map | top of page |

blobul2e.gif (79 bytes)  About me
This section provides my vita. Here you may read an overview of my research, teaching and service endeavors.
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blobul2e.gif (79 bytes)  My research
My research, teaching and service endeavors primarily focus on the broad areas of aging, long-term care and health systems organization and policy. These topics are interdisciplinary in nature, and likewise, my related research is also interdisciplinary. Specific areas of interest include:
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  1. integration within the fragmented care system and between the long-term care system and
    the acute and primary care systems, including the formation of strategic alliances;

  2. expansion of the long-term care system, especially in the prison system;

  3. elements, such as case management, that are key to the functioning of the long-term care
    system as it currently is configured;

  4. the quality of the care provided through the long-term care system;

  5. dysfunctions in the system, including elder abuse; and

  6. ethical and other considerations in the formulation of policies.

blobul2e.gif (79 bytes)  Links to other useful resources
Here you will find an assortment of links to other sites and resources that reflect my personal and professional interests.
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blobul2e.gif (79 bytes)  Contact information
If you would like to inquire about my research or send me comments about anything included in this site, please visit this section for my mailing address, phone number, and email address. 
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blobul2e.gif (79 bytes)  The Long-Term Care Game
This is an interactive, sound-enhanced "board game" with an aging/long-term care theme (see notes). There are no winners or losers in this game per se–rather, the metaphor of a game is used as a presentation and teaching device. Each space around the board contains a button that when clicked displays a  real-life situation germane to aging and long-term care as well as information to help you deal with each scenario. The roll of the dice directs your movement around the board and determines your fate in The Long-Term Care Game. To view a linked list of the topics covered in the Long-Term Care Game, select the 'Topics Index' option shown below.
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  1. This Long-Term Care Game is sound-enhanced, however, you may play the game with or without music.

  2. If you do not hear music when the game page opens, please download the Crescendo player (Separate versions of the plug-in are available for Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you use both browsers, download and install both plug-ins!)

  3. The 'MUSIC CONTROLS' on the game board require the Crescendo 5.1 player (or higher). The Crescendo player is easy to download and install, integrates seamlessly into your browser, and is free! For your free copy of the player, visit the Crescendo live update site to download the plug-in..Be sure to download an appropriate version for your browser. If you use both browsers (i.e., Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer), download and install BOTH versions of the player.


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