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The Ubiquitous Computing, Telecommunications, and the Science of Learning Study Team held their open meeting of the faculty on Wednesday, February 13, 2008, 2-3:30 PM.

Present at Open Meeting: Jim Nolan (EDLDR/CIFE), Anne Whitney (SECED ENGL/LCS), Leigh Ann Haefner (EKED/SCIED Altoona), David Chase (Advising Office), Rusty Myers (ETC), Dan Thompson (EKED/SSED), Dan Grow (Advising Office), Vince Lunetta (SCIED), Pete Rubba (World Campus), Cole Camplese (ETS), Chris Hoadley (LPS), Orrin Murry (LPS/CI), Kathy Heid (MTHED), Craig Ezzo (Development Office), Suzanne Wayne (Development Office), David Cochrane (ETC), Scott McDonald (SCIED), Carla Zembal-Saul (EKED/PDS/SCIED)
*My apologies to anyone we missed on this list. We reconstructed it after the fact. Please remind us of your attendance and we will add you.

The group reviewed and discussed each of the 4 focus areas that the study team developed. For the purpose of continuing to receive input from faculty, each area has been posted separately with notes from the open meeting. The 4 focus areas are:

1. National Leadership
2. Building Capacity
3. Facilitating Communication
4.  Research, Assessment, and Evaluation

We ask that faculty, staff and students examine the entry for each area and contribute to the conversation by posting comments. We hope to begin drafting our report to the Steering Committee early in March and circulate it for feedback via this blog.

Thanks in advance for your support with this process!

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