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Realizing even a modest level of success in any/all of the aforementioned areas relies heavily on having access to the necessary resources, space, and expertise. If we are to achieve the goal of becoming a national leader in using technology to prepare the next generation of highly qualified school professionals, then our classroom spaces must be transformed to reflect key aspects of 21st Century learning environments. This will require an infusion of technology tools, such as projection devices, real-time data collection devices, and SmartBoards, as well as upgrades to wireless access and internet connection rates throughout the College of Education. Likewise, the success of the capacity-building goal hinges on acquiring appropriate personnel, space, and tools. College connections with ITS and vendors could assist in leveraging tools and expertise to enhance this area.

Notes from Open Meeting:
  • We need to establish trust and collaboration with school districts or other education contexts that will allow for conversations about how technology can be supported across contexts that our students and faculty are working in.  This could happen by organizing a group that includes school personnel and university personnel, both technical and educational to discuss uses of technology across contexts.
  • Strategically consider how to gather resources through grants and contracts that can support technology infrastructure needed for multiple research and teaching projects.
  • We need realistic and dedicated budget lines for this work.

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