Area 4 – Develop Expertise

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Area 4 – Develop expertise in using technology to engage in meaningful assessment of learners, courses, and programs.

Powerful new technologies are available for engaging in research, assessment and evaluation. Penn State is considering the adoption of tools, such as Digital Measures, to track and report on faculty accomplishments and to assist with the accreditation process. In the College of Education, Educational Leadership and Elementary Education have adopted TaskStream to support the development of electronic portfolios and collect program information. 

Notes from Open Meeting:
  • Frame the issue of assessment as a research issue, not simply assessment. 
  • Assessment frameworks are already in place.
  • Strategically employ student and program assessment in a way that allows for better comparison and data storage and gathering. 
  • The College of Ed should be a leader in the e-portfolio space.  We need to help create a balance between supporting learning and high-stakes evaluation.  

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