Area 3 - Facilitating Communication

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Area 3 - Leverage powerful technologies for facilitating communication among colleagues around both research-based and pedagogical problems of practice.

There is an increasing need to be able to engage colleagues from around the state, the country, and the world in face-to-face, real time communication about research and instructional experiences. External grants applications are often enhanced by inter-institutional research and teaching collaborations. Great potential is recognized in the ability to connect preservice teachers working in urban settings with those in suburban and rural contexts. Also, more robust interactions with teachers and university faculty from countries, such as England and Sweden, where some of our teacher education students complete their student teaching are desirable. The emergence of tools, such as Adobe Connect, iChat AV, Polycom and Skype, have provided ways to connect colleagues across great distances and diverse settings to engage in meaningful conversations and inquiries. This area/goal is aimed at developing expertise within the College about how best to use these tools to facilitate communication among geographically dispersed groups. Maybe we should add something specific about the Penn State system here…

Notes from Open Meeting:
Establishing communication between groups across distance to facilitate supervision and allow students at PSU to access students and contexts that they would not have access to under ordinary circumstances.
Provide dedicated space that would allow faculty and staff to engage in technology supported communications for a variety of purposes. 
We should have capacity to communicate not only in dedicated facilities, but also for individual faculty and staff to communicate in their offices and workspaces.  This could include a set of resources that would be provided to all faculty and staff as part of their provisioning.
This area should include recruitment of students and the ability to stay in touch with our students after they graduate (e.g., EdLion).

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