Area 2 - Building Capacity

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Area 2 - Build capacity among faculty, including field supervisors, to use technology in support of research, teaching, and learning.

While ETC provides a number of technical services for faculty, staff and students, we are proposing an IDEA Studio in which faculty can come together around pedagogical and/or research problems to receive support in the form of professional development, access to specialized tools, etc. The Studio would be staffed by a director and project team, including a designer and/or programmer, who are skilled at communicating and responding to the needs of faculty. The Studio could be housed in 201 Chambers, and create a comfortable, lounge-like atmosphere in which faculty would be welcome to stop in and sample cutting edge tools or speak with a project consultant. The IDEA Studio would expand current efforts associated with the EDUCATE initiative to engage faculty in professional development opportunities designed to connect them with technology tools that support their work.

Notes from Open Meeting:
  • Create a Digital Commons site in the College of Ed, with a green screen and podcasting studio. ETS (Cole Camplese) offered to contribute a liaison for faculty support/development 1-2 days per month.
  • A small number of other Colleges have in-house support for faculty. EMS has the Dutton e-Education Institute. ITS has the Solutions Institute. The focus of these group is on instructional design and e-learning and blended courses. We would address this through the IDEA Studio, but place a clear focus on faculty development/support around problems of practice in research and teaching.
  • Work with ETS to create a fellows program in which faculty can rotate into development roles associated with TLT related projects.

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