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Just catching my breath after a seriously intense week. I'm starting to get excited about the TLT Symposium. Decided to play around with a representation of my identity. Here's what I came up with. Says it all, I think.

A very good birthday indeed

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galsatParis.jpgWell another birthday has come and gone. It always falls during Spring Break at Penn State, so I rarely do any serious celebrating. This year was a little different. While attending the SITE Conference in Las Vegas with Kimber, Leigh Ann, Lis and Becci, we were able to spend some quality time together (and had a couple of incredible dinners!). Kimber is an amazing "life coach" and Becci is the ultimate social director. She charmed the maitre de and was able to get us a window seat at the Bellagio's Circo where we ate perfectly prepared pasta and watched the fountains. Then we saw the Beatles LOVE by Cirque de Soleil, which was breathtaking! All in all, a very nice birthday indeed.

Librarians rock!

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Don't know if I have mentioned this lately, but librarians rock! I met with Ellysa Cohoy and Loanne Snavely last week to talk about e-portfolios. Very exciting! While they are working with faculty colleagues and I am working primarily with students in our teacher preparation programs, we connected immediately around the idea of using the PSU blogging platform to document (and contribute to) personal professional growth. The big problem we need to be able to solve to make this work is the need to capture a "snapshot" (static version) of the portfolio for review purposes. Hopefully ETS can help us take the next steps.