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Planning for change

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Last week was packed full of opportunities to prepare for change. The best part is that this work is very collaborative. In one instance, I am working with 6th grade teachers at PFM to integrate more technology, specifically real-time data collection devices, into their upcoming unit on heat energy and temperature. I was a 6th grade science teacher in a former life, at Spring Branch Middle School in Houston, TX, so I have a special place in my heart for this project. New SCIED colleague Deb Smith and I met with the newly reconstituted PDS SCIED Planning Team last week, too. We have a group of 17 people coming together to make revisions to the SCIED 458 course taken by interns in the Elementary PDS and to organize professional development experiences for SCASD K-6 teachers. The group includes teachers from a variety of grade levels, administrators, curriculum support teachers, and university faculty. It's very exciting work! Check out our blog for more information.

Last Wednesday the Ubiquitous Computing Study Team held an Open Meeting of the faculty to get input on the development of our report to the College of Education Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The meeting was well attended, and the feedback was overwhelming positive and consistent with the 4 areas the study team had developed. We'll be using our blog to continue to solicit input from faculty and to circulate a draft of our report once we get it written.

Purple dragons

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z-cake.jpgCan't believe Z's 4th birthday was over a week ago! The Starr's came from Michigan for the weekend, and we kept the little ones exhausted by piling them in the inflatable bounce arena. I actually stepped way outside my comfort zone and constructed a 3-D dragon cake, for which Z insisted on purple icing. It would have been much easier to "just say no" had I not found detailed directions online -- curse the web!