Professional Networking: Using LionLink and LinkedIn

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Social media is growing fast as a way for employers and candidates to connect. Penn State offers its students opportunities to do just that through our own alumni mentoring program, LionLink, as well as through university related groups on the professional networking site, LinkedIn.

1. LIONLINK is a program run the the Penn State Alumni Association and is accessible to students through their own Nittany Lion Career Network account. Just log-in with your access ID and password, and look for the menu tab that says LionLink.

There are over 600 alumni who have signed up to be contacted by current students and who are willing to discuss their careers, majors, companies etc.and share advice.  The system allows you to search for a coach by various categories, and to send an email to a participating alumnus.  After that, the amount of contact is up to the two of you.

Check it out! Penn State alumni are eager and willing to help! They just have to be contacted!

2. LinkedIn is the professional networking site that more and more employers are using.
Set up a profile showcasing your education and experience. Build your own network by adding contactsand joining groups. You can follow companies or industries, as well as  search for jobs. All are available through this site.  Start at to create a profile and follow their template. Then join the Penn State Career Connection group and others that suit your interests and career goals.

3. The Penn State Harrisburg Career Services ANGEL group has 2 resources to help you get started using LinkedIn. In the content section, there is a short tutorial pdf, How to set up your LinkedIn profile, and a job search checklist, Using LinkedIn: a Job Search Checklist.

 If you are not a part of our ANGEL group yet, send an email to and ask to be added. There are numerous resources within this site to help you in your career development.  Be a part of it!

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