One Student's Career Fair Success Story

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Prutha Pathak, a senior Information Systems major, had 2 internships that she found by attending a campus career fair and through the IT club. Here is her success story and advice:

I recently finished two summer internships with Administrative Office of PA Courts (AOPC), Mechanicsburg, PA, and the campus' Marketing Research and Communications Office (MR & C). I found out about the AOPC internship opportunity through the Penn State Harrisburg Government Job Fair on campus (in February), and the Penn State Harrisburg opportunity through an IT Club meeting. I sent my resume to the Human Resource Department at AOPC, then I had an interview with three of the team members, and after few weeks I had an offer.  

Both internships were very helpful and I had a great experience. I learned Dreamweaver and Drupal at MR & C. The AOPC internship was more challenging than MR & C. I was the IT Services intern with a team of six members and was assigned to create a website for internal users to manage server information. I created a website that will let users add, edit, and delete server information as well as show which server was recently added and deleted.

At AOPC I learned Visual Studio (VS, Web Development Software), Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and learned new programming languages such as Visual Basic. I also learned many new database management methods, such as creating stored procedures in SSMS. It was challenging to learn three new different kinds of software in four months, but it was a fabulous experience to begin my IT career in the real world. The team was also great and very helpful. It was a quiet environment but a great place to work.

The environment at AOPC was very busy which I liked. Everyone was always ready to help and motivate me. I am glad that I had two internship experiences in IT. I am sure these experiences will help me to succeed in real work experience. I can say I am very glad to have had the challenges, which helped me to be successful.

I would like to give students advice that an internship experience is very worthwhile. I encourage students to start finding internships from the sophomore year because it is a long process.  Students should get as many internships as they can before graduation. I also would like to say never lose hope and always be ready for new challenges. Students should make networks of contacts and attend as many career events as they can.


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Prutha Pathak, a senior Information Systems major, had 2 internships that she found by attending a campus career fair and…
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