Halfway Through Your Internship: How Do You Keep the Momentum Going?

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While I'm out of the office, I want to share with you a great article I read on another blog.
Michelle Lewis
in Jobs & Internships
posts some great advice for current interns. A summary appears below.   Read the complete article at: http://www.hercampus.com/career/jobs-internships/5-things-do-halfway-through-your-internship

"Just because you're getting more comfortable with your internship doesn't mean you should stop being that hyper-dedicated, super-efficient intern you were the first week when you were desperately trying to make a good first impression on your boss. Now is the perfect time to make sure you're still on the right track to having your boss remember you as that awesome intern who they should definitely hire one day (or at least give a good recommendation to), so don't slack off now! Take our advice to keep up the good work halfway through your internship and you'll be sure to keep knocking your supervisor's socks off.

1. Ask your supervisor for an evaluation

Sure, you're set in a pretty good routine now, but you want to make sure it's the right routine. Now that you've got the hang of things, ask your boss to give you a mid-internship evaluation to make sure you're still holding up to their expectations. Shoot her an e-mail to see if she has a couple minutes to meet up after work or during your lunch break to discuss how you're doing.

Getting a critique from your boss can be intimidating, so keep an open mind and remember that her comments are for your own benefit. Nobody likes a defensive know-it-all; listen respectfully and take notes on how you can improve your work. Your supervisor knows what she's talking about, and you're there to learn, after all!

2. Ask for more responsibility and pitch new ideas

Don't be that "ghost intern" who never, ever approaches their boss. Now that you have a handle on the job you're currently doing, it's time to make it harder by asking for more responsibility.

You've (hopefully) proven by now that you can do your work--and do it well--so think of three to five new ideas or projects and pitch them to your supervisor, Miller suggests. Your boss wants to hear that you're creative, invested in the company, and forward-thinking, so don't be afraid to suggest new things! And how cool would it be if the company actually ended up using your ideas? Hello, resume booster!

3. Start networking with other departments

Now that you're comfortable with your own job, why not learn about some of the other roles in the office? "If you haven't been meeting people within the organization but outside of your current role, it may be time to start asking people out to coffee," says Miller. "Try to connect with at least one new person each week, if not more. Ask them about their jobs and for their advice on your career." Shoot your coworkers an email introducing yourself and asking if they'd be free to grab a coffee sometime this week. Who knows, a meeting with someone in a different department could even open you up to a career path you hadn't previously considered.

If a one-on-one meeting sounds too intimidating, "ask to sit in on meetings to get a better grasp of how the company functions," suggests Kayla Inanc, brand coordinator for Intern Queen, Inc..

4. Hang out with your fellow interns

You don't just have to network with other employees--why not network with the other interns, too? They may seem like competition at times, but your fellow interns could be just as useful to your future job search as other employees. "I still talk to the girls I interned with at my very first internship, and they're at various magazines and we've even helped each other along the way," says Finlayson. "Having friends in the industry is very, very important."

5. Think to the future

The best way to stay on track is to create a list of goals for your internship and your future career. What do you still want to do in the time you have left in your internship? Whether it's a contact you wanted to make or a project you wanted to work on, write it down to make sure it doesn't slip your mind before you're done; two to three months can go by pretty fast.

"Ask yourself this question: 'When this internship is over, what do I want to be able to say I accomplished?'" says Miller. "Having that mental picture of what you want to experience will help you craft the experience in a positive way."

Lewis concludes by stating: "Write down your goals, get networking, and make the most of the last month or so that you have left of this opportunity!"

These tips will help you make the most of any work experience. Come in to the Career Services Office when you return to campus and we'll help you update and refine your resume for your next position!

Be sure to read the entire article at http://www.hercampus.com/career/jobs-internships/5-things-do-halfway-through-your-internship

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