Students wanted: CAREER PEERS 2013 - 2014

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Become a volunteer student assistant/ ambassador for the Career Services Office.

What is it?  Career Peers  volunteers will assist the Career Services office in reaching out to their fellow students to promote our events and services, contribute to publicity and marketing efforts, help out at career events, and work with our staff to better serve students.

Benefits:  Career Peers will receive extra assistance in their own career development while preparing their documents and developing skills for their internship or job search;

Waiver of the $15 On-Campus Interviewing fee

Gain in-depth knowledge of the resources of the Career Services Office,

Interact in a professional manner with employers who visit campus,

Gain experience and develop a professional relationship useful for references and resume  enhancement.


Requirements: Undergraduate or graduate students of any major;  excellent written and oral communications skills, outgoing personality and desire to assist other students, ability to commit     6+ hours per month on a flexible schedule.  Prior contact with or use of the Career Services office is not required--we will train you to assist us!

To apply, you must provide:

·         a resume,

·         a writing sample indicating why you want to be a Career Peer and what you think you can contribute (1-2 paragraphs),

·         a copy of your fall class schedule,

·         a list of your weekday availability.


If you are interested in being a Career Peer or for further information, please contact Charlotte Spector, Career Services, Susquehanna Bldg., phone 948-6260 or

All applicants will have an interview.

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Students wanted: CAREER PEERS 2013 - 2014
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