Your Elevator Pitch: Impress Employers in 5 Easy Steps

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You're at a Career Fair... or sitting next to someone on a plane... or you're suddenly introduced to a friend of a friend. They ask: "So, what do you do?"

Ah, the moment you've been waiting for!

You are ready to impress. You have an elevator pitch, practiced to perfection... so good, that when you say it, it doesn't seem practiced. Your pitch flows in a natural, conversational tone. Your delivery is full of confidence. You nail it.

Do you have the perfect elevator pitch at the ready? A recent University of Georgia Career Center Survey found only 15% of employers thought students were ready to make a great first impression through their 30-second story.

Check out these 5 easy steps from the University of Georgia Career Center that detail how to impress an employer:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Give you name, major, year in school or when you are completing your degree. Keep it simple and to the point.

2. WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE? Describe some work/internship/ volunteer experience as it relates to your industry and how it might benefit the employer.

3. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? State your career goal or  the types of positions you are interested in and the skills you would like to apply.

4. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE COMPANY. Do company research ahead of time and show the employer your interest by telling them what you know.

5.MAKE A STRONG CONCLUSION. Provide the employer with your resume and ask for a business card so you can follow up with a thank-you note.

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