Career Planning New Year's Resolutions for 2013!

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Although the semester is just beginning and summer still seems far away, you should  be looking ahead and taking steps to continue  your career planning and development. There are a few things that can be done right now to give you a good start:

 1. Create a resume if you don't have one, or update and revise the one you  previously had. We are offering workshops to assist in this process (see schedule on BLOG home page) and there are instructions and examples on the Career Services web site.  Be ready for the various job fairs in February and March.

2. Update or start to create your list of references. Who is your academic adviser? In whose class did you stand out? With whom did you work last fall or summer that you could ask to be a reference?  In addition to asking one or two faculty members, if you completed an internship, work or volunteer experience that could go on your resume, there is probably someone who can verify your work ethic and abilities. Ask that person.

3. Sign up  or update for your FREE account on Nittany Lion Career Network.  This is Penn State's job board and system for using On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) as well. If you are a senior, you should also add the OCI aspect to your account.  For this part only, there is a one-time $15 fee that is good from now until the end of the school year.  This will enable you to participate in interviews that are set up by employers on campus, here or at University Park.  Come to a workshop to learn more about how to use this system.

4. Join a club and cultivate relationships with people on or off campus-- both will expand your skills and help you make the most of your time at Penn State. Get to know your instructors outside of class and let them get to know you!  You may want to ask them later on to be a reference for you (see number 2).

5. Keep on top of your academic work, and keep an eye out for career-related opportunities, whether it is attending an employer's information session, going to a workshop, checking out a career fair, etc.  Gain as much background information as you can to make your career decision making easier.

6. And come see us in Career Services. We welcome informational appointments as well as those with a specific agenda. 
Just phone to set up a convenient meeting time--(717) 948-6260!

We look forward to meeting you in our office, workshops and at our events!

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