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Linear Programming

Linear Programming is a branch of Applied Mathematics, Operations Research and Optimization Theory.

Linear programming is used every day in industry, government and academia. Many consider Linear Programming to be the gateway course to the study of optimization.

In Fall of 2014 I am teaching Section 001 of Math 484. Below you will find information and resources for the course.

Fall 2014 Syllabus

Class Notes (Raw Source)-- A collection of notes (~170 pages) covering everything we will study in class. If  you  find a typo, please send me an e-mail so I can fix it. The notes can be used with a book. An optional text is Linear Programming and Network Flows (4ed) by Bazaraa, et al. Notes are released under a Creative Commons Share-and-Share-Alike License.

If you want to contact me by anonymous e-mail, follow this link.

You can access previous course assignments and syllabi here.

If you’re thinking of taking Linear Programming with me, you are welcome to e-mail me and ask anything you like. I’ll also share past teaching evaluations if you want to know what past students thought of the course.

I try to mix the theory, algorithms and applications of Linear Programming into the class. I treat this as an advanced math course. Therefore, you will be expected to do some proofs. By the end of this course you should, ideally, have a very good working knowledge of the theory behind the Simplex Algorithm, some implementation and convergence issues, and the theory of duality in Linear Programming.

Group work is encouraged on everything. All exams are open-book and open-notes.