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PICTURE Obligatory Short Biography
I am a Senior Research Associate at the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL). I also teach in the Math Department (Linear Programming Graph Theory Game Theory and Numerical Optimization), where I am a courtesy Associate Professor.

I worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a while as a Wigner Fellow. I have a Ph.D. in Operations Research (Applied Mathematics / Engineering) and a Masters in (pure) Mathematics.

Research and Work
I've worked on a number of different projects, mostly on control theory and pattern recognition. I've been doing some game theory and graph theory recently. Most of my work is very applied.

You can read my boring CV here. If you want one of my papers, please send me an e-mail. I've been trying to get better about posting pre-prints of the arXiv.

Lecture Notes
You can download almost all the course material I’ve ever created from my course sites