IST 250 : New Media and the Web Additional Resources

Penn State Altoona, Offered: Fall semester INSTRUCTOR: Charlotte Eudy McConn, M.S., CDP
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   The text for this course is supplemented with online technical
      information on the web, handouts, or library readings.

     This course is a required course for the IST Associate
Degree.  It may also be used as an option course for the
Associate Degree in Business with the MIS option.

     This course includes active, hands-on skills practice. 
Students are expected to demonstrate skills.  Active participation,
communication skills, and teamwork with fellow students will count
towards your grade.
     If you have any difficulty with topics covered, please talk with 
me quickly so that I will have time to assist you before you get behind.
     This page contains several links to valuable resources for developing 
web pages.  Just click on any of these sites for more information.
What you need to get on the Web at PSU:
	Internet Access Guide from 
the Center for Academic Computing (CAC).  This site contains introductory information 
on how to get your email account, how to get a backbone connection from residence halls,
Web rules and account information, and other services.
	Get PSU Rules & Requirements.  
Check this out because it contains information that you need to	know 
in order to pass a small quiz to get your web space.
	Apply for Web Space.
	PSU Web Style Guide.

Resources and information for creating Web sites:
         Bret Bixler's IST250 resources links.
        CAC Graphics links, includes Penn State Images
   Background Wallpaper (like the wallpaper on this page):

Animated Gifs: Get Animated gifs and other neat stuff Download shareware to create your own animated gifs: GIF Construction Set. Other Free Stuff: Angelfire Free Web Space Geocities Free Web Space Free Email Accounts

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