Classroom Policies Attendum for Flu

INSTRUCTOR: 	Charlotte Eudy McConn, M.S., CDP

Special Flu Protocols -In compliance with Pennsylvania Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control recommendations:

Students should NOT attend class or any public gatherings while ill with influenza. Students with flu symptoms will be asked to leave campus, if possible, and to return home during recovery. It is very important that individuals avoid spreading the flu to others. The illness and self-isolation period will usually be about a week. Most students should be able to complete a successful semester despite a flu-induced absence. Faculty will provide students who are absent because of illness with a reasonable opportunity to make up missed work. Ordinarily, it is inappropriate to substitute for the missed assignment the weighting of a semester's work that does not include the missed assignment or exam. Completion of all assignments and exams assures the greatest chance for students to develop heightened understanding and content mastery that is unavailable through the weighting process. The opportunity to complete all assignments and exams supports the university's desire to enable students to make responsible situational decisions, including the decision to avoid spreading a contagious virus to other students, staff, and faculty, without endangering their academic work. Ill students should inform via phone or email as soon as possible that they are absent because of flu. Likewise, students should contact their instructors as quickly as possible to arrange to make up missed assignments or exams. Our student health center is located in the Sheetz building, 959-5540.
Last Update 8/2009