Assignment #5- Business Letters Packet

Dossier on this paper:  For this assignment, you will be forming "companies" which have a certain service or good to sell.  As with all companies, you will have to correspond with other companies and individuals about a variety of issues to keep your business afloat.  The question of how you accomplish this is the focus of this assignment.  

As part of the business/company/corporation (/nonprofit organization?), you will be in touch with four other businesses/ et al,  about one of many topics.  You will have to write four different letters, two of which you choose yourself, one of which must be a bad news  letter and one of which must be a sales letter.  You will have to convey the proper information in the proper tone and the proper format for all of these letters, not to mention keeping the excellent reputation of your own business beyond question.  Although this sounds easy, sometimes its anything but.

Included with your four letters, you should provide me with a rhetorical analysis as to why you did what you did.  You can do this in memo format.  Just explain why you choose to do what you did  so that I know where you have put special touches and considerations.

Assignment Sheet

Rough Draft Questions

Parts of a Business Letter (you should know this inside and out)

Do's and Don'ts of Business Letter Writing

Samples: ala Doc--

    Sample Bad News Letter

    Sample Rhetorical Analysis Memo

Which do you want first, the Bad News or the Good News (Letters)?

Student Example: Dan's Good News Letter and Memo

In-depth look at Sales Letters

Student Example: Dan's Sales Letter and Memo

Helpful Hints for writing Routine Messages

Student Example: Dan's Request and Memo

Order Letters in a Flash!

How to file and answer Claims

Bill Collection process

Thank You letters


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